What Are The Various Benefits Of Skylights?


Having a skylight in our house is the best ever thing that we could do to our house. It is not important for a house but it is equally important for the lobby of an office, hotel, hospitals etc. We have seen at many halls and library as well where there is a huge space and there is a huge skylight placed over the top. It gives a lively sense of feeling and we like to enter in the premises again and again.

The Benefits

People specially like to have then in their house especially in the bathroom. It gives them satisfaction. Also, there are various benefits of having them in our space. Following are the benefits mentioned.

  • Saves Energy:

It saves energy. The investment of installing the Velux skylights of Australia which are usually called the roof windows as well. They can help us in saving huge amount in our electric bills. We don’t need to turn on the lights in the day time because there is enough sunlight that brightens our space and we don’t need the extra lights in the morning till evening.

  • Improves Mood:

It helps us in improving our mood. It is a common perception that when we sit in dark for long period of time away from the sunlight then it automatically pushes us in depression. We feel like that someone has locked us in a box. We can’t go out for various reasons for few days. In those critical days, the skylights work as a saviour and hence improves our mood.

  • Closer to the Nature:

We feel close to the nature. Sunlight is a form of nature. When we have odd job timings, we are unable to see the sunlight because we have to sit in the office. When there is a skylight in our office then we feel that we are close to the nature and we absorb the lighting in our body.

  • Healthy:

As we all know, the sunlight has Vit D. The harsh sun rays don’t allow us to go out in the hot weather. The shield of blind of another thing protect us from the sun rays and allow us to absorb the good lighting which makes us healthy and safe.

  • Looks Modern:

It looks modern. We don’t need to put extra efforts in decorating a house. The natural light itself a glamorous thing. It makes our surroundings look elegant and complete so we don’t need to invest much amount in decorating our house.

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