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The athletics has been referred to as the group pertaining to the sporting events that are engaged with the training of the competitive category, the feature of jumping, the very running activity, then the act of throwing and on the topof all the normal walking. The generally categories in connection with athletics in wollongong encompassing the competition with regard to the track as well as the field, road running, the generally known running pertaining to the cross-country level and on the top of all the racewalking!

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The results pertaining to the racing decision are made in view of the finishing position while the very jumps as well as the throws are generally won by that athlete who is associated with the achievement of the measurement that is the highest or furthest with respect to a series in terms of the number of attempts. The elements encompassing the simplicity connected with the competitions in addition to the lack regarding the need for the costly equipment, renders athletics as one of the highly generally known categories among the sports across the world.

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The element of athletics has been deemed to be primarily the sport pertaining to the individual category, the exception being thereally races as well as the competitions which encompass the combination of athletic performance in connection with the team score, the instance being the cross-country.The athletic meeting has been referred to as forming the very backbone pertaining to the summer Olympics.

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The one foremost in this context being the athletic championship sin connection with the world, this incorporates the event of track and the field, the generally known marathon running in addition to the race walking. There are some other competitions at the top level and these encompass the ones associated with the physical disability, the event referred to as the summer Paralympics in addition to the world championships encompassing the para-athletics.

summer Paralympics

The word of athletics generally refers to the sporting competition base on the human feats. The world athletics, the governing body pertaining to sports, has referred to 6 types of competition as mentioned herein already. There are forms of the competitive running which are comprehended to be outside the scope of the governing body s stated earlier. The international on skyrunning, the international federation with regard to mountaineering and climbing, the world association concrete to tow-running, the international association connected with ultrarunners, all these associations are at work all across the world as well.


The field of athletics has come into existence to cater to the human need in connection with self-exploration as well demonstration of the personal athletic skills with the view to rule the world of humans. This content has been designed for the reader’s effective and efficient decision making.

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