Are Gluten Free Cakes Better For You?

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If you search the internet you will find a whole lot of recipes of gluten free cakes in sydney, pizzas and many other items since many people have opted the gluten free diet as a weight loss diet. Although people who have intolerance against gluten are restricted by their doctor to have the gluten free cakes and other kinds of gluten free versions but the question that comes in mind is that if someone is not gluten intolerant then should one go for the gluten free option. There are number of things you need to know if you are going to order the gluten free cakes just because you think its healthier or even if you are ordering it because you have intolerance, you need to know that these cakes should actually be gluten free in all sense and not just labelled as the gluten free cakes.

Gluten free foods:

Foods like wheat, rye or barley and some other kind of the grains have gluten in these and the gluten is the key component in the baking such as cakes, pastas, pizzas and even some soups and sauces also have gluten in these. People with the celiac disease are not even able to tolerate little amounts of the gluten and therefore, with the diet trends of the gluten free, the market is flooded with the items which are labelled as gluten free but actually they are not.

Gluten free cakes, how these are different?

Gluten is the essential component in baking and is there to keep these together and gives out the bubbles and puffs the cakes but if the cakes are gluten free cakes then what alternatives will give it the same structure, most gluten free cakes use the guar gum or combination of chia and flax seeds which give you the similar result. But even then the batter and the gluten free cakes are not exactly same in texture as the gluten ones, these will not be firm and stuck together completely and will have more liquid consistency. Not only this but the gluten in the cakes help them to bake faster and therefore, the gluten free cakes will take more time to bake. One thing you need to be extremely careful about is that the gluten free cakes are very delicate and could easily be broken or fall apart if you do not give it proper cooling time before you move it. These gluten free cakes are not very storage friendly as well, therefore, either it is better to bake them fresh or if you do want to store it then freeze them when these are completely chilled. Wheat is not easily replaceable by any single kind of gluten free flour and therefore, a mixture of variety of flour is used in order to replace the wheat flour in the gluten free cakes to give it all it needs.

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